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Sage Trout LL 490-4

  • 92500

The Sage Trout LL 9’ 4wt makes your dry fly fishing dreams come true. Just ask Jeff Perin the owner of the Fly Fisher’s place, the Sage Trout LL is one of his favorite dry fly rods to use on the Metolius River.

The refined and intelligently designed Sage Trout LL is made for the dry fly enthusiast like yourself and is the choice rod for anyone who wants to step up their close casting dry fly game.

This medium action rod offers accurate, responsive, and controlled performance all while having an intuitive and natural feel. You’ll also find the Trout LL 9’ 4 wt is gutsy enough to take on a dry dropper set up, so when the trout aren’t rising, you can easily go subsurface and find them. The Trout LL 9’ 4 wt is lightweight, smooth and casts like an absolute dream. 

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