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Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing - Michael Gorman

Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing - Michael Gorman

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Frustrated? Many fly anglers are discouraged in their attempts to consistently locate and catch fish in lakes and ponds. Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing builds a simple and methodical approach to finding and catching trout and warmwater species in stillwaters.

This book walks you through:

  • An effective step-by-step plan to find the fish on any given day
  • A simplified but significant understanding of aquatic organisms fish eat, with special emphasis on chironomids
  • A listing of all-star stillwater flies — nymphs, wet flies, dry flies, emergers, and deadly chironomid patterns
  • Effective fly fishing methods for fishing various fly types
  • Best fly line choices in any given situation, the construction of leaders, and rigging dropper flies
  • Researching the best lakes in which to catch more and larger fish

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