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Lake Fly Fishing Lines

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If you want to be an effective lake angler you need a few lines (or more) in the tackle bag to be able to find fish where ever they are choosing to feed on any given moment you are on the water.

Here is a curated selection of lake lines we use ourselves and you should add to your own collection.

In our opinion this is the very best floating strike indicator line on the lake! the Scientific Angler Anadro Stillwater WF5 and WF6 Floating Line. You’re going to see more subtle strikes when you use this line because the alternating bright green and orange tip section. At times, we forego the strike indicator and rely on the striped tip to alert us to the softest of takes.

The best shallow presentation line on the lake is the Scientific Angler Stillwater Emerger Tip. You’ll fish this line on the shorelines, or out in deep water with emerging mayflies and chironomids. From damsel nymphs to leeches this is a must have fly line for local lakes.


Available for WF6F

The legendary Cortland Clear Camo slow sinking line has been our go to slow sinking line for nearly 30 years. This line is the most popular selling lake line we’ve ever stocked. Countless trout have been caught on local lakes with this line. Troll it, strip it, loch style it or wade the shorelines for casts and retrieves with all kinds of sinking flies.

Available in WF4 I, WF5I and WF6I

The best mid depth line we use is the Rio Fathom Type 3 full sinking line. No lake angler should be without a 3 inches per second sink rate fly line as it effectively fishes your flies in 4 to 15 feet of water. After you cast, every 4 seconds that you count the sink rate down you’ll gain a foot of sink rate, so it only takes a minute to get your line down to 15 feet and fish your flies deep on the shoal. This is quite the fish catching line and a must have in the quiver of lines for the most prepared stillwater anglers.

Available in WF5 and WF6

If you need to get a little deeper than a Type 3 will go, or simply want to achieve fly depth quicker than a long count down will do, than you are in need of a Type 5 full sinking line. The one to get is the Rio Fathom Type 5.

Available in WF6

The Scientific Anglers WF6 Sonar Stillwater Parabolic Sink multi-density type 3/5/3 full sinking line will offer you a modern approach to presenting your multi fly rigs at multiple depths with a single cast and retrieve. We like to use this line in 10 to 20 feet of water with a 4 foot 15# butt section, a Japanese Tippet Ring and add 6 to 12 feet of 4x fluorocarbon tippet with one or two droppers plus the point fly. This is a great line with a buoyant Booby or Blob Style fly incorporated to the rigging.

A lot of the competition anglers across the globe use this exact line for putting fish on the score cards, and you’ll use from an anchored boat with a cast and retrieve presentation or loch style downwind of the boat with a faster retrieve.


To round out your lake line collection we also recommend the WF6 Rio Fathom Type 7 full sinking line for deep dangle and fast streamer presentations. This line will complete your kit as you become one of the most efficient lake anglers on the water.

We admit this isn’t the most used line in our collection, but it is an important line that comes up with good catches on days your needs require a move away from standard strike indicator techniques. Plus, if you haven’t had the pleasure of getting your rod nearly yanked from your hand when a trout or kokanee takes a nymph on a tight line, you’ll be pretty addicted to it after the 1st fish does it to you.


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