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Beulah Platinum Switch Rod

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod

  • 49500

I like switch rods that really are switchable to fish as a spey or as a single hander. The Platinum series is built smart, with lengths that are easily handled with single hand applications, they are also built light enough that fishing them as a single hander isn't going to wear your arm out before the day is done.

Best of all, these rods are spey casting machines. The 5 weight is a super trout rod. At just 10 feet it lends itself great to nymphing and even lake fishing and is one of the best half-pounder steelhead rods you can own for the Rogue and Klamath River crowd. The 6 weight is OK for light steelhead but really is best as a heavy duty trout rod. If it is Steelhead you are after, both the 7 and the 8 weight will shine for whatever you want to do out on the water.

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